Tinkerer 1.1 Released

What’s New

  • Tinkerer extension repository at tinkerer-contrib.
  • Improved extension mechanism and documentation
  • Easier to customize post and page templates for your blog
  • Improved HTML5 compliance
  • HTML meta description for blogs
  • Minimal5 theme similar to Minimal theme but based on HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Other bug fixes


Important notes on upgrading:

  • Run tinkerer --setup in your blog root. This will copy page.rst and post.rst to your blog’ _templates directory. You can customize them to tweak your default posts and pages (other contrib extensions can also leverage this).
  • If you are using hidemail or fbcomments extensions, the extensions moved to tinkerer-contrib, meaning they no longer come out-of-the-box. Please pull them from there and place them in the _exts subdirectory of your blog.
  • There is a new description field you can add to your conf.py, which will become an HTML meta description on the generated pages. This appears automatically in newly setup blogs but, by design, Tinkerer upgrade does not alter existing conf.py files in any way.

Deprecation Notice

The old themes not based on HTML5 Boilerplate will be removed in the next Tinkerer release. These are the tinkerbase base theme and the minimal and modern themes.

This release brings an alternative minimal5 theme with a similar look to the minimal theme. The minimal theme was built with customization in mind so if you are using it, please make sure to alter your CSS to support the new minimal5 theme. Since minimal5 has a different base theme, elements might have different tags/classes/ids.


As usual, many thanks to everyone involved for your suggestions, bug reports and pull requests!