Tinkerer 0.4 Beta Released

What’s New

New HTML5 Themes

  • boilerplate is a brand new theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate
  • modern5 is a rewrite of the old modern theme based on the new boilerplate and including a lot more detail-work

The old themes (tinkerbase, modern and minimal) are still around for backwards compatiblity, though future development will happen around HTML5-based themes.

New Built-in Extensions

  • An email obfuscator
  • A new Read more directive - more info under Posts

New Sidebard Widgets

  • A Categories List widget
  • A Tag List widget
  • A Tag Cloud widget

Details here: Sidebar.

New Translations

  • German translation
  • French translation
  • Polish translation

Just update your conf.py with the following setting:

language = "de" # or "fr" or "pl"


Many thanks to everyone who helped out with suggestions, bug reports, patches and pull requests and special thanks to the people on the ever-growing contributors list for their valuable contributions.